Keine Zukunftsmusik mehr: Die Artificial Intelligence (AI) findet ihren wichtigen Platz in der medizinischen Diagnostik. 

Wir bei ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller verstehen und betreiben die Telemedizin als eine wichtige, sichere Zentrale medizinischer Daten. Die Vorgaben der DSGVO und anderer internationaIer Gesetzestexte werden von uns dabei nicht nur vollständig eingehalten: Sondern wir entwickeln darüber hinaus eigene hochsichere und hochverfügbare Netzwerke, damit unsere Kunden jederzeit von unserem Rundum-Sorglos-Datenschutz profitieren.

Naturgemäss sind alle AI-Hersteller daran interessiert, ihre Produkte möglichst vielen Benutzern anzubieten. Die Telemedizin, speziell die Teleradiologie, bietet diese Möglichkeit. Unsere Technologie bei ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller behütet medizinische Daten auf globaler Ebene und erlaubt unseren Kunden und allen interessierten Medizinern, die aktuellsten und für die jeweiligen Fragestellungen am besten geeigneten AI anzuwenden.

AI in der Teleradiologie heisst nicht, dass die ärztliche Tätigkeit verkürzt oder gar unnötig würde. Im Gegenteil: Wir bei ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller führen seit Jahren selbständige Tests mit den nach unserer Meinung sinnhaftesten AI durch. Wir stellen dadurch sicher, dass diese sohin über eine lange Zeit und mit vielen eigenen Daten geprüften AI einen wesentlichen Benefit für die medizinische Diagnostik der Zukunft darstellen. Mensch und Maschine gehen dabei also Hand in Hand. Wir legen den größten Wert darauf, dass der Mensch stets die Herrschaft über die AI haben wird.


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No more dreams of the future: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its important place in medical diagnostics. 

We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller understand and operate telemedicine as an important, secure centre of medical data. Not only do we fully comply with the requirements of the GDPR and other international legal texts: We also develop our own high-security and high-availability networks so that our customers benefit from our all-round data protection at all times.

Naturally, all AI manufacturers are interested in offering their products to as many users as possible. Telemedicine, especially teleradiology, offers this possibility. Our technology at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller protects medical data on a global level and allows our customers and all interested medical professionals to use the most up-to-date AI that is best suited to their specific needs.

AI in teleradiology does not mean that the medical activity is shortened or even unnecessary. On the contrary: We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller have been carrying out independent tests with what we believe to be the most appropriate AI for years. In this way we ensure that these AIs, which have been tested over a long period of time and with a lot of our own data, represent a significant benefit for medical diagnostics in the future. Man and machine go hand in hand. We attach the greatest importance to the fact that humans will always have dominion over AI.


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Teleradiology has established itself as a professional service that supports medical institutions in their daily tasks. And now the next innovation in medical diagnostics comes into play with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read part 2 of our report here!

AI applications undergo a whole series of tests before they are ready for the market, which are essential for approval by the international regulatory authorities, such as the FDA in North America and CE in Europe. This creates the basis for AI results to be characterised by high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. This means that the result for a characteristic that the AI used is looking for will contain the highest possible number of true positive results and at the same time only a negligible number of false positive and false negative results.


The prioritisation of investigations

We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller work together with major AI developers. We help to produce such AI which enables patients to be prioritised according to the degree of injury and illness. The AI can thus help to triage in order to first produce those findings that are most urgently needed by our clinical partners in hospitals and institutes in Switzerland, Germany and Austria for patient treatment. Such AI enables a significantly improved allocation of resources and results in optimal individualised patient care.


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At ERS, we have been working 24/7 for many hundreds of thousands of patients with our teleradiology for many years.

Our expertise particularly includes accident and emergency radiology, MSK and neuroradiology, pediatric acute radiology, cardiac and body imaging.

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