A virus like a wake-up call – Teleradiology in times of the Corona pandemic

We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller have been working for years to help people by giving them access to the latest radiological cutting edge diagnostics. This also includes the application of excellent technology. Our technology with the core of our proprietary development Diagnostic Gate offers many advantages, is technically mature, safe and proven in everyday practice. For us, the enabler of our daily medical work. In the middle of the 2010s, we were still operating in a growing niche – interest was great from all sides, and the conversion and implementation into current workflows was successive. However, there was still scepticism, which is probably the first thing that all new technologies initially encounter.


Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, a lot has changed here. Telemedicine in general and also teleradiology have suddenly become the focus of public attention and the focus of those responsible in clinics and hospitals. While models were tried out all over Europe to enable patients to be treated, advised and sent on sick leave even without contact, the demand for teleradiology also rose sharply. We explain the possibilities of teleradiology on a daily basis: a doctor can look after several hospitals and institutes and thus work much more productively than if he were tied to a single workplace. Because long journeys to work are eliminated, our CO2 footprint improves considerably. Our way of working enables our specialists to achieve a great work-life balance. In times of the pandemic, many people only became aware of another advantage: because the diagnosing doctor is not with the patient, he or she is of course not exposed to the risk of infection. For many, the corona pandemic acted like a wake-up call, which will sustainably strengthen and further establish teleradiology even after the crisis.


The pandemic shows that teleradiology is the future. The technology is reliable and the way it works is not only good for doctors and the climate, but above all good for all patients. We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller have the know-how and the experience to help you too on your way into the future!