Artificial Intelligence: what exactly is it about?

With the go live of our platform Medical Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis MAIDx users and interested parties ask us for single terms that are audible in the medical and technological world. Read a short explanation of the terms here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the umbrella term for the extremely rapidly growing field of medical AI. It ultimately breaks down to the evaluation of images using static and learning methods, also known as Radiomics.

Deep Learning (DL) is the main chapter of medical AI. It is based on learning systems that are based on a so-called neural network. This leads to the next term: Deep Neural Networks (DNN) are DL-Systems with many learning levels. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are used in the learning processes of sectional imaging techniques (e.g. computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging). The results can be described simply as segmentation and classification work.

These programs are the basic framework of the AI applications, which you can find at and test on your own data sets.

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