Become an expert in radiology
with the online ERS Academy

Get your personal access to our professional online training as a top-level specialist in emergency radiology with numerous webinars, courses and certificates of completion!

Top-Level training
In der Emergency Radiologie, aus erster Hand von unseren Spezialisten
2 Seasons, 10 online webinars per season
100 minutes per webinar
Emergency Academy Expert (Saison 1) Emergency Academy Master (Saison 2)
CHF89 per webinar
The webinar will be held in German language Register now

Get your professional online training

We at ERS have been working 24/7 with our teleradiology for many hundreds of thousands of patients for many years.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you and offer you training to become a top-level specialist! You learn with us online from anywhere in the world and choose your webinars yourself, right down to your professional certificates.

Benefit from our professionals first-hand

In order for knowledge to be constantly increased, it must first be passed on. We are happy to make our experience in emergency radiology available to you so that you can in turn make your outstanding contribution to society: be it as a doctor or as an interested member of related scientific industries.

The ERS Academy is particularly suitable for physicians in clinical disciplines and radiology. The speakers of our online webinars come mainly from our own company and impart our knowledge from years of 24/7 experience.

Season 1: Expert Class

We provide you with preparatory case studies for your booked webinars and theory and practice during the webinars. You are connected to your speakers in live chat.

Season 2: Master Class

You can bring your own case studies and they will be discussed live in a team conference by clinicians and radiologists using theory and clinical experience.
At the end of each webinar you write a test. With all completed webinars, we will award you with the professional certificates Emergency Academy Expert (Season 1) and Emergency Academy Master (Season 2).

Saison 1 Expert Class
Saison 2 Master Class
69/ CHF 71

per webinar

14 online webinars of 100 minutes each

Written test and accreditation per webinar

Certificate Emergency Academy Expert after completing 14 webinars of season 1

Certificate Emergency Academy Master after completing 14 webinars of season 2