Emergency service for night, weekend and public holidays

Our emergency service is available around the clock and all year round with an immediate, detailed diagnosis and assessment for your organization and enables the highly secure transmission of all reports into your systems.

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Perfect quality for your patients without compromise

Our strengths are the highest radiological quality, top friendliness, the immediate diagnosis and assessment of all examinations by two radiology specialists and outstanding individual technical solutions.

Individual service packages

Individual service packages

State-of-the-art technology for reliable diagnosis

State-of-the-art technology for reliable diagnosis

High standards and data protection for secure processes

High standards and data protection for secure processes

Simple and free connection and ready to use in a few days

Simple and free connection and ready to use in a few days

24-hour emergency service

Our 24-hour acute service in accident and emergency radiology is available 365 days a year from our experienced and constantly trained team of experts.

Second Read

Two specialists in radiology carry out a timely cross-check of all findings in order to increase the quality of the reports and reduce the error rate.

24-hour telephone hotline

Our telephone hotline works around the clock, 7 days a week and is looked after by our radiology specialists.


We rely on trusting communication with referring doctors and provide you with an initial verbal report within 30 minutes.

Detailed findings in one hour

Specialist reports are sent directly to the PACS, RIS and HIS via our Diagnostic Gate within 60 minutes.

Pay Per Use

With our Diagnostic Gate we offer you the connection to our teleradiology network - you only pay pay per use, i.e. only our diagnosis of your studies.

What concrete benefits do I have from ERS?

Additional benefits of using radiological reports from ERS Emergency Radiology Schueller.

Obligation to provide care is guaranteed without overloading your own staff with many night and weekend shifts.

Personnel bottlenecks can be compensated and expensive on-call services can be saved.

Simplified personnel planning and more staff available for standard times.

Written reports available quickly, which enable the rapid initiation of necessary therapies.

Consistently high diagnostic quality.