Why Teleradiology is interesting for Radiologists: Part 1

Especially for Radiologists, Telemedicine offers many interesting possibilities that were unthinkable until a few years ago. Thanks to digitalization and progress in information technology developments, you as a radiologist can now work from anywhere. The advantages of teleradiology in two parts:


Work from any location

If you are a radiologist looking for work, you often do not have the opportunity to work where you would like to work. In many cases, a new job involves moving to another city. Teleradiology offers the possibility to work completely independent of location. We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller as teleradiology provider in Switzerland, Austria and Germany support you in setting up your home office. It goes without saying that we only use certified medical products of the highest quality. These include certified diagnostic monitors, which are constantly checked for constancy, as well as the connection to our own proprietary, highly secure network. This means that you have a complete telemedical workplace on site and can live where you feel comfortable.


Flexible work assignments

In teleradiology you can flexibly arrange your work assignments with us as a radiologist. Teleradiology is increasingly being used by clinics and practices to relieve the burden on their own radiology department or to outsource it completely. The night shift in radiology, in particular, is increasingly being shifted to teleradiology. However, teleradiology is also being used more and more frequently in cases of general shortage of doctors, overcapacity or holiday and illness replacement. And even if you work as a radiologist in a clinic, you can earn an additional salary in teleradiology, for example by working the night shift.


Independent work

Especially for younger people, flexibility and independence are becoming increasingly important. In addition to working in a clinic, many radiologists dream of becoming self-employed with their own practice. However, this requires a great deal of financial and organizational effort, which is not always easy to manage. On the other hand, at Emergency Radiology Schueller you also benefit from many advantages that self-employment offers, such as performance-related remuneration for your qualified specialist work. You can read more about this here in part 2 shortly.