Why Teleradiology is interesting for Radiologists: Part 2

Especially for radiologists, Telemedicine offers many interesting possibilities that were unthinkable until a few years ago. Thanks to digitalization and progress in information technology developments, you as a Radiologist can now work from anywhere. The advantages of Teleradiology in two parts:


Attractive Remuneration

Teleradiology offers very attractive earnings. With the flexible work assignments, which you can choose independently, you have the opportunity to determine your earnings. In a hospital, you will usually work with a fixed salary, especially with a basic salary that is only moderately satisfactory. In Teleradiology, on the other hand, you will often work on a fee basis. The more you work, the better you can earn.


The location is not important

In general, the earning potential in conventional radiology varies depending on the location. In conurbations, the oversupply on the labour market means that pay is sometimes lower than in rural areas, to which specialist doctors can only be attracted by high incentives. In addition, demand for radiology is higher at certain locations than at others. This can become a pitfall, especially for radiologists who want to become self-employed. In frequented regions there are usually already a large number of radiologists. This makes it more difficult to establish a new practice. If you work for a Teleradiology provider, such as Emergency Radiology Schueller in German-speaking Europe, i.e. Switzerland, Austria and Germany, you do not have all these problems. The level of your income is independent of your personal location.


Great Expertise through a high Case Mix

We at Emergency Radiology Schueller serve a large number of hospitals, medical practices and radiological institutes. We offer our customers fast, reliable diagnostics with our experienced radiology specialists, who have many years of experience and are subspecialists in many areas of radiology: our Acute Division ERS provides accident and emergency diagnostics 24/7, and our Academic Health Division offers elective diagnostics with our focus on Musculoskeletal, Neuro-, Oncoradiology, Pediatric Radiology and Cardiovascular imaging. Our quality has earned our customers’ trust over many years.


If you work with us as a radiologist, you will have completed an intensive assessment center and a subsequent training program, and you will increase your expertise to new heights every day. You will help to provide the best in Teleradiology every day, so that we can make our contribution to society. Top quality for every patient, around the clock, without compromise. This is why Teleradiology at Emergency Radiology Schueller is so interesting for radiologists.