Win the market leader in teleradiology in Switzerland and Austria for yourself!

Esteemed radiologists, medical directors, hospital directors and board members:

Let’s talk seriously about teleradiology, an increasingly important component of patient care.

Why would you have such an important, highly qualified medical service provided by one of the many start-ups with unclear staffing levels and questionable IT concepts, when you can win over the market leader in Switzerland and Austria?

We at ERS – Emergency Radiology Schueller have built up a large and consistent team of radiology specialists with long professional experience.

And we have created our patent pending IT concept with the highest quality and availability. Because we take security and data protection very seriously.

Our customers are aware:

ERS has been a reliable partner for years, around the clock, every day of the year:

With our acute on-call service, we are always personally available for you via our telephone hotlines.

And our Academic Health Division reports your elective X-ray, CT and MR examinations in all major subspecialties with the highest quality.

On top of that, we are cost-efficient. Because we were the ones who established the pay-per-use model.

You only pay for our diagnostic services. And nothing else.

So it doesn’t help if people try to copy us.

Because we are the original. We are always there for you when it comes to providing you with the best in teleradiology.