“The collaboration with ERS runs smoothly with impeccable service. I can come to work in the morning and everything is taken care of. ERS helps us comply with labor laws and concentrate our work energy on daily business. The radiologists from ERS have been responsive to our needs from the start.”

Prim. Dr. Clemens Lotterberger

“ERS responded to our needs in order to achieve a clear structure in the processes. Everything has become easier. We appreciate the quick responses, the advantages of the hotline and that ERS can be reached at any time.”

Mario Lindenthaler

“We have been looking for a partner who can offer high quality and fast diagnostics. It’s as if the radiologist were present. Communication with ERS is very important to us so that we always have a point of contact. The fast diagnosis works perfectly.”

Prim. Dr. Christian Kaulfersch

“The pleasant and very great advantage is that the on-call senior physician from ERS directly calls us and gives us instructions. It’s as if the radiologist were present. Communication with ERS is very important to us so that we always have a contact person. The quick diagnosis works perfectly.”

Ulrike Zsizsik

“From the very beginning, the collaboration has been extremely professional and smooth. The radiologists at ERS have a deep understanding of the specific requirements and challenges in interpreting radiological examinations. Communication has always been clear and efficient, making the collaboration very pleasant.”

Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexandra Resch

“As a medical professional, I value the importance of reliable and professional partners. ERS has proven to be such a partner. Their expertise in providing customized solutions and maintaining high quality standards has significantly improved our work. I look forward to a long-term collaboration.”

Dr. Christian Mayr

We very consciously chose ERS as a partner:

  1. There are enough excellent radiologists under contract for all modalities and therefore larger quantities of reports can be reliably delivered in-house at the agreed time in the event of staff shortages in our own company.
  2. The IT interface is very comprehensively programmed – we can transmit all documents relevant to the specific case to ERS in a GDPR-compliant manner or enable them to be retrieved from our lists. This means that the findings are carried out qualitatively as if everything came from our own company.
  3. The functionality and security of the IT interface were guaranteed at all times, and any necessary interventions there were also possible promptly and reliably if necessary.
Ultimately, ERS is an essential partner in reliably and quickly transmitting urgent findings to patients and referring doctors in a timely and high-quality manner, even in times of major staff shortages or waves of illness among our own staff.”

Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. Franz Frühwald

“The quality of their medical services is impressive. ERS has state-of-the-art technology and resources that enable them to deliver accurate and reliable results. As a physician, I am extremely satisfied with the high quality results we received from the ERS radiologists.”

Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. Rudolf Knapp

“ERS offers us an optimal solution to conserve our scarce personnel resources during the night. The clinicians appreciate the fast, uncomplicated, and competent service, ensuring that the in-house expeditious workflow – especially in the emergency department – is maintained. Previously, the integration and connection of ERS via IT was quick and straightforward at our facility.”

Dr. med. Ingo Honnef